Syska HT3333k Review.

Today I will do a complete unbiased review on Syska HT3333k. Even though Syska is a very old Indian company, it started its own line of personal grooming products for men and women in the year 2016 and it was a big hit. This product has been getting really popular lately and it comes under the best seller category in Amazon India.

Syska is a company that is known for its quality of products at an affordable price range. You can visit their official website here.


Have a look at the key feature of Syska HT3333k below:

So, we now will get into the technical review of the product but before that, you can check the latest deal on Syska HT3333k here.


Syska HT3333k review:

SYSKA HT3333K review

Key Features of this product:

  1. Corded and Cordless: Upto 60 mins of cordless use with 2 hours of charging. Can be used while charging also.
  2. Self-sharpening and skin-friendly blades: The trimmer’s sensocut blades adjust themselves to facial contours and glode smoothly.
  3. Ergonomic grip:  It’s designed to help you trim those hard-to-reach areas and is easy to hold and use.
  4. 10 in lock settings: The zoom wheel lets you choose from 1- 10mm with 0.5 precision.
  5. Changeable attachments: Comes with 3 changeable attachments.
  6. Battery Indicator: For easy use, the battery comes with a led indicator that shows the low/full/empty/charging.
  7. Travel friendly: The trimmer is lightweight and has a compact design which makes it travel friendly
  8. Easy to Clean: Detach the head and rinse it under the tap for easy cleaning. Dry it before you put it back on the appliance.
  9. 2 years warranty, no oil needed: 2 years manufacturer’s warranty on manufacturing defects.


Verdict after use:

After using it twice now I have noted a few points about the trimmer.

Positive Point:

  1. Speed of the trimmer is adequate.
  2. The stainless steel blades are good (does a neat and clean shave).
  3. It is easy to clean.
  4. It gives Avg 60 minutes of cordless use after 2 hours of charging.
  5.  I love the design and the light weight of the device.

Negative Point:

  1. Made is China
  2. Sometimes hair gets stuck in between the blade.
  3. Nose trimmer is not that useful.

Overall a great and essential purchase for me. Check out other users reviews here.


Let us also look at some of the other top-selling Syska trimmers and multi groomers:

1) Syska HB100 : 

Key Features of HB100:

  1. Self Sharping blades: It comes with self-sharpening, anti-corrosion blades, for a sharp and skin-friendly shave.
  2. Long battery life: Gives a full 90 mins shave time after just charging for 1.5 mins.
  3. 20 in lock settings: It comes with a jog dial and 20 lock-in length settings from 0.5 mm – 12 mm with 0.5mm precision.
  4. Changeable attachments: Hb100 comes with 4 stubble guide combs with precision from 4mm to 12mm.
  5. Battery Indicator: It also has led light indicator with a digital display that shows battery is low, empty, full or charging.
  6. Washable trimmer head: It is easy to clean and maintain the device as it comes with a detachable washable head.
  7. Charging dock: You can charge the clipper with the provided charging dock and or the cord according to your convenience.
  8. Travel lock: HB100 hair clipper has a safety lock which is useful for storage while travelling.

You can check the latest offers and discount on Syska HB100 here.

Have a look at the key feature of Syska HB100Ultraclip Hair Clipper below:



2) Syska UltraTrim HT700 :

Key Features of Syska Ultra Trim HT700:

  1. Self Sharping  and skin-friendly blades: The stainless steel are  self-sharpening and anti-corrosion for a skin-friendly
  2. Corded and Cordless: Upto 40 mins of cordless use with 8 hours of charging. Can be used while charging also.
  3. Ergonomic Design: It has a user-friendly design which provides an effortless trimming experience.
  4. Detachable Head: Syska ultra trim HT700 has a detachable head for easy cleaning and maintaining.
  5. 20 in lock settings: The Trim Dial lets you adjust from 1mm to 10mm with 0.5mm precision.
  6. Charging indicator:  The trimmer comes with a led charging Indicator.
  7. 2 years warranty:  Comes with 2 years of company warranty.

You can check the latest offers and discount on Syska HT700 here.

Have a look at the unboxing and key feature of Syska HT700 trimmer below:


3 Syska HT200 :

Key Features of this product:

  1. Self Sharping and skin-friendly blades: Like all other trimmers Syska ultra trim Ht200 also come with self sharping and skin-friendly stainless steel blades.
  2. USB charging. It can be charged with a USB cable for flexible charging anywhere via laptop, power bank or any USB adaptor.
  3. Detachable Head: This trimmer also comes with a removable and washable head for easy cleaning.
  4. 10 in lock settings: It comes with10 length settings from 0.5mm to 10mm with 1mm precision.  
  5. In-Built Stubble Comb: Syska HT200 comes with an in-built stubble comb with a trim dial at the back to set different length settings.

You can check the latest offers and discount on Syska HT200 here.

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I do hope this review of Syska HT3333k helped you purchase the right trimmer. Do share your purchase experience in the comments section below.

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