Best Epilator Under 2000

Are you tired of that annoying unwanted hair on your face and body? Are you dreaming of a silky smooth skin that too in a budget? The most affordable methods of removing unwanted hairs at home are with the use of disposable shavers or waxing. However, shaving can be not as effective and waxing is … Read more

Syska Vs Philips – Better Trimmer Brand in India

Syska Vs Philips featured image

When it comes to trimmer and shavers there are a lot of national and international competing in India. While there are quite a few brands for trimmers currently in the market, two brands that stand out are the ones being compared in this post.  Read on to find out which trimmer, Syska Vs Philips, is … Read more

Philips BT3221 VS Philips BT3215 (Bought & Reviewed)

Philips BT3221 VS Philips BT3215

In this review, I will be comparing two of the best selling Philips trimmers. The article will be comparing Philips BT3221 Vs Philips BT3215. Both the trimmers are corded and cordless with Titanium coated blade perfect for beard and moustache grooming. The table below will give you a quick comparison between the two trimmers on … Read more

Philips BRE635 VS Braun SE9-961E

Philips BRE635 VS Braun SE9-961E featured image

In this post, I will be comparing Philips BRE635 VS Braun SE9-961E epilator. They are among the top-selling epilators in India online these days.    It is a long and detailed article with all the technical details about the product, so if you want just to have a look at the quick summary at the … Read more

Syska HT3052k/02 VS Syska HT3333k

In this article, I will be comparing Syska HT3052k/02 VS Syska HT3333k grooming trimmer. These models are so similar that one can easily get confused about which one to buy. This post of mine aims to help you select the right model for you according to your needs. Syska is an Indian company which has … Read more

Nova NHT1090 vs Philips QT4011

nova nht 1090 vs philips qt4011 featured image

A few days ago I wrote an article on Philips bt3211/15 vs Philips qt4011/15 and I got a query that is there any other trimmer which they can opt instead of Philips. I did a quick research and came to the conclusion that Nova NHT1090 is almost similar to Philips qt4011/15. Summary: There is not … Read more

Philips mg7715 VS Philips mg3730

philips mg7715 vs Philips mg3730 Featured image

Trimming a beard or body grooming can be frustrating with the wrong equipment. Whether you like to be fully smooth or have a little bit of hair, you need a tool that’s safe to use and has plenty of options. If you’ve ever tried manscaping in more sensitive areas, you know it can be difficult not to … Read more

Philips qt4001 VS Philips qt4011

Philips qt4001 vs Philips qt4011 featured image

If you have a beard, then you understand how valuable it is to have the right type of tools to groom it and keep it looking elegant always. One of the most important products you must always keep in your bathroom is a good quality beard trimmer. Philips has come up with beard trimmer series … Read more

Philips bg1025/15 VS Philips bg1024/16

Philips bg1025_15 VS Philips bg1024_16 featured image

Lots of men prefer body shaving these days. Body hair is a changing debate and fashion now. I have also made a list of why would you shave your body hair at the end of the article. Philips has come up with a body groom series 1000. You can select your trimmer accordingly to your needs … Read more