Philips Vs Mi – Better Trimmer Brand In India.

The Philips Vs Mi, “Which trimmer is better” is the hot new topic in India right now. Customers of both brands tend to argue a lot and there is no clear winner.

However, having tested both brands personally,  I can confirm that they both offer different positives and negative points. While Philips is the old champion of this category, Mi is a newbie and recently launched #YourSalonAtHome collection.

Summary – Philips Vs Mi, which one to buy??

It is always better to objectively analyse all the options available in the market and buy the one that best meets your needs.

Below are the models that I recommend buying.

This trimmer from Mi is the best in the market and is newly launched.

But if you are a Philips lover and don’t want to experiment then this is the product I highly recommend.

Below is the Comparison table of  Philips Vs Mi.




Country Of OriginNetherlandsChina
Price RangeMedium to HighMedium
Launched their 1st grooming product in the yearThe 1930s2020
Value for MoneyYesYes
Easy to UseYesYes
Easy to CleanYes (Removable/Washable head)Yes (Fully Washable) 
Blade TypeComport cut/ Close-cut/ Multi precisionStainless steel blades with 6000 oscillations per minute.
Warranty2 + 1 Year1 Year

It is very difficult for me to pick one brand over the other because both Mi and Philips are good brands that manufacture durable trimmers. Both brands have the best trimmers in the market today. However, what you can do is opt for the best model between these brands.



Mi and Philips top-selling trimmers in India.

1) Mi Beard Trimmer:

Mi beard trimmer

Mi recently launched its new range of #YourSalonAtHome collection and is it already a big hit in India.

Main Features of Mi beard trimmer are as follow:

  1. Self-sharpening blades: Mi beard trimmer has self-sharpening stainless steel blades with rounded edges for a skin-friendly shave.
  2. 40 Length Setting: The trimmer gives a precision-cut and shape with 6000 oscillations per minute. With 40 length setting and the help of 2 combs, you can go between 0.5mm to 20mm
  3. Corded and cordless use: It can be used as cordless and also with plug in the cord while charging.
  4. Powerful Battery: You can shave up to 90 mins with only 2 hours of charging.
  5. Travel Friendly: The trimmer also comes with a travel lock system that keeps the trimmer from switching on unintentionally. Also, come with a travel pouch to prevent undue damage.
  6. IPX7 fully-washable body for easy clean: Mi bread trimmer is hydro-resistant and fully washable. Also, the head of the trimmer is removable to clean the trimmer with convenience

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Have a look at the video below which gives complete details about the trimmer.


Pros compared to Philips trimmers:

  • Easier to clean: The Mi trimmer is fully washable and also has a removable head
  • No of length settings: Mi has come up with 40 lengths letting, from 0.5mm to 20mm, while max lock-in length setting in Philips trimmers are 20 from0.5mm to 10mm.
  • Travel lock: 1 of the main feature in Mi trimmer is Travel lock with is still not there in Philips trimmers.

Cons compared to Philips trimmers:

  • Warranty: Mi only gives a 1-year warranty on company defects which most of the Philips trimmers comes with 2 + 1-year warranty.
  • Made In Chain: Mi’s is a China-based company and so most of their product is manufactured in China.
  • Fewer options: There are very few options of Mi trimmers available in the Indian market right now.



2) Philips BT3211/15:

Philips BT3211 is not only top-selling but also one of the highest-reviewed trimmer online.


Main Features of Philips BT3211/15 are as follow:

  1. 20 Lock-in length settings: Philips BT3211 comes with 20 lock-in length settings from 0.5 to 10mm with 0.5 mm precision.
  2. Skin-friendly blades: The trimmer’s steel blades lightly brush against one another, sharpening themselves as they trim while rounded-tips of blades make sure there are no skin cuts.
  3. Ergonomic Design: It is easy to hold and use the trimmer and reach hard to reach areas because of its ergonomic design.
  4. Lift and trim System: The lift and trim system of the trimmer lifts and guides more low lying hair to the level of the blades for efficient.
  5. Fast charge: The trimmer comes with the fast charger technology so that you can use the trimmer cordless up to 60 mins after just 1.5 hours of charging.
  6. Battery Indicator: The trimmers also has a battery indicator that shows low/full/empty/charging
  7. Corded and cordless Trimmer: Philips Bt3211 can be cordless or can also be used corded while charging.
  8. 3 Years Warranty: 2 puls 1-year company warranty after registration.

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Have a look at the video below which gives complete details about the trimmer.


3) Philips BT3221/15:


Main Features of Philips BT3211/15 are as follow:

  1. 20 lock-in length settings: Philips BT3211 has 20 lock-in length settings from 0.5mm to 10mm with 0.5mm precision.
  2. Lift and trim system: The lift and trim system of the trimmer increase the cutting speed to 30% by lifting even minute hair and guiding them to the trimmer blades.
  3. Titanium coated blades: The blades of the are stateless steel with titanium coating for superior cutting and long-lasting sharpness.
  4. Dura power Technology: You can use the trimmer up to 90 mins as cordless after just 1 hour of charging.
  5. Battery Indicator: The trimmer comes with a fast charger with battery indicator.
  6. Corded and cordless usage: You can use the charger as corded while charging or cordless.
  7. Easy to clean: The detachable head allows you to clean the trimmer easily under the tab. (make sure you dry it before putting it back on the trimmer)
  8. Travel and Storage pouch: Philips 3211 comes with a travel pouch to protect the trimmer during storage and travel.

Pros compared to Mi trimmers:

  • Trusted Brand: Philips is one of the most respected brands in the world.
  • Company Warranty: Philips offers 2 to 3 years warranty on their trimmers.
  • Multiple Options: Shaver was one of the first grooming products that were introduced by Philips. Its first shaver was introduced in the 1930s. And so they have a wide variety of trimmers and shavers under their brand, you can select 1 according to your requirements and budget.

Cons compared to Mi trimmers:

  • No of length settings: Most of the Philips trimmers has 20 lock-in length from0.5mm to 10mm while Mi has come up with 40 length letting, from 0.5mm to 20mm.
  • Travel lock: I still have not seen any Philips trimmers with travels lock.

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So, this brings me to the end of my review of Philips Vs Mi Trimmers in India. I hope I was able to help you select the right trimmer for you. Which one did you decide to opt for? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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