Philips Epilator 8000 Review

Philips is a well-known brand for health and personal care products. All Philips products are designed to deliver visible results that last long – and to empower you to look and feel confident every day.  It has released the Epilator 8000, adding new features and functions making it rounder for face and body hair removal, so let us start with Philips Epilator 8000 Review.


Philips Cordless Epilator 8000– BRE710/00 Review.

Philips epilator 8000 review

The key feature in detail:

1) New and improved tweezers:

Philips epilator series 8000 does powerful yet gentle epilation with its improved tweezers and over 70,000 hair-catching actions per minute.

2) Extra wide epilator head:

The extra-wide head of the epilator covers more skin with every stroke for faster hair removal.

3) S-shaped handle:

The ergonomic S-shaped handle is easy to steer for maximum control

4) Wet and Dry use:

The epilator is waterproof so you can use it comfortably in the shower. You can use it cordless for the best convenience.

5) Unique light:

Unique light helps you spot even the fine hairs on your body.

6) The shaving head and trimming comb:

The shaving head provides a close shave and more gentleness in different body areas. It also comes with a trimming comb to style your bikini area.

7) Delicate area cap:

A delicate area cap is included to easily remove unwanted hairs from sensitive areas like the face, underarm and bikini.

8) The optimal contact cap:

The optimal contact cap is designed to reduce skin pulling and discomfort by gently stretching the area you are epilating.

9) Powerful Battery:

The Epilator has a powerful Lithium-ion battery which gives up to 40min of cordless usage with just 2 hours of charge time.

10) Travel Pouch:

It also comes with an attractive pouch so you can store everything in one place.

Have a look at the key feature of Philips epilator 8000 here:

Package Contains:

1 Epilator, 1 Shaving Head, 1 Trimming Comb, 1 Delicate Area Cap, 1 Optimal Contact Cap, 1 Cleaning Brush and 1 Basic Pouch.


Verdict after use:

After using it multiple times now I have noted a few points about the trimmer.


Positive Point:

It’s an all-around body and face hair removal for women.

Long-lasting Battery: The Lithium-ion battery fully charges in just 2 hours and gives up to 40 mins of epilation.

Multi-use device: It can be used as an epilator, shavers and trimmer.

Easy to store and carry around: It comes with a storage pouch so that you can keep all your things together safely even when you travel.

Easy to clean: All you have to do is remove the blade from the top and wash it. A cleaning brush is also included with the kit.


Negative Point:

The only negative I found was.. it is a bit difficult to remove hard hair. It works wonders on soft hair.

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  • Voltage: 15V / 5.4W
  • Tweezing Action Speed 1: 64000 per minute
  • Tweezing Action Speed 2: 70400 per minute
  • Number of Tweezers: 32
  • Speed settings: 2 settings
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Usage time: Up to 40 minutes
  • Charging: 2 hours charge
  • Quick charge: Yes


Conclusion for Philips Epilator 8000 Review:

The overall quality is premium looks wise is chic and stylish. So it is a complete value for money epilator in the market today. I highly recommend it.


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With this we come to the end of a detailed Philips Epilator 8000 Review, I hope you have found the right one. Let us know in the comments below. Also, check out some related articles below.


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