Braun FS1000 Review.

Today I will do a complete unbiased Braun FS1000 Review.

I examine the Braun FS1000 in great detail to discover what it’s good at, what are its negative points and most importantly, whether or not it’s the right facial hair remover for you.

Braun FS1000 Review.

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Braun FS1000 Face Mini Hair Remover Review:

Key Features of this product:

Easy to use:

Braun FS1000 is extremely simple and user friendly.

It can remove facial hair on areas like the upper lips, chin and cheeks with ease. This facial hair remover’s rotary design contours to your skin make it quick and effective on even the toughest angles.


A built-in smartlight for spotting and removing even fine facial hair. For smooth, consistent facial hair removal results.

Gentle and safe:

The rotary cutting system and the protective foil of Braun FS1000 remove even the tiniest hair close to the skin, smoothing over your face.


Small but powerful.

It can be easily stored in your handbag or purse and use whenever, wherever.



What’s in the Box:

In the box items for Braun FS1000 Review.

  • Mini Hair Remover
  • White Cap
  • Cleaning Brush
  • AA Battery.


Verdict after use:


  1. Small but powerful: It is almost the size of a large lipstick. Hardly weighs 100 grams but removes even the fines hair from areas like the upper lips, chin and cheeks with ease.
  2. Completely Painless: Just roll around the face and hair vanishes. The rotary cutting system and the protective foil cuts the hair even without blades touching the skin.
  3. Easy & portable: Braun FS1000 is miniature in size for on-the-go use and portability. Simply store it in your handbag or purse and use it whenever, wherever.


  1. It is not an epilator. It is a shaver:  Let me also make the point clear that it’s no less when compared to that of an epilator.
  2. Difficult to shape your brows: You can’t use this to shape your eyebrows.


Conclusion :

The overall quality is premium looks wise is chic and stylish. It’s a great and essential purchase for me. I would recommend it thoroughly.

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Let us also look at some other top-selling face hair remover in India.

1) Braun Silk-épil FG1100 

Braun Silk-épil FG1100 

Check out the reviews on Braun FG1100 here.

Key Features:

The Braun silk-epli FG1100 is a sleek, pen-sized battery-powered trimmer for detailing your eyebrows, bikini line and other delicate areas.

Easy to Use: The trimmer is small, compact and easy to use. It is cordless so you can easily slip it into your purse or bag without occupying much space. It comes with a small brush, so you can clean the hair from the trimmer conveniently.

Precision Cutting Head: The precision cutting head helps you trim and get rid of unwanted hair from delicate parts of your body gently and safely.

Bikini Zone Shaping Head: It also comes with an especially designed bikini zone shaping head.

Trimming Combs: This trimmer also comes with two – 8 mm and 5 mm trimming combs that help you style your hair properly just the way you want it.


2) Philips Touch-up HP6388

Philips Touch-up HP6388

Check out the best offers on Philips Touch up HP6388 here.

Key Features:

The Philips Touch-up Pen Trimmer HP6388 enables you to quickly and easily remove even the finest hairs from your face.

Precise face attachment: The face application trimming head is great for a quick touch-up anywhere. The 1/3″ trimming head ensures a quick and precise application on any facial area. It also comes with the 2mm and 4mm comb, to trim hair to the precise length you want.

Compact and portable: Small enough to fit in a handbag or clutch and battery-powered so you can take it anywhere you go.

Quick cleaning and easy to maintain: It also comes with a small cleaning brush to clean the trimmer and keep it hygienic.


3 Veet Sensitive Touch Expert 

Veet Sensitive Touch Expert 

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Key Features:

4 Extra attachments: 2-Sided Inclinable Precision Head, Bikini Head, Comb Attachment, 2x Bikini Head Comb Attachments.

Blade Material: Stainless Steel with Titanium Coating

Safe for the skin: The Veet Sensitive Touch Expert has cutting blades that don’t touch the skin.

High Precision: Adjustable eyebrow head and dedicated accessories

Waterproof: Can be used in the shower


I do hope this Braun FS1000 review helped you purchase the right trimmer. Do share your purchase experience in the comments section below. 🙂


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