Philips bg1025/15 VS Philips bg1024/16

Lots of men prefer body shaving these days. Body hair is a changing debate and fashion now. I have also made a list of why would you shave your body hair at the end of the article.

Philips has come up with a body groom series 1000. You can select your trimmer accordingly to your needs and range. In this article, I am comparing Philips bg1025/15 VS Philips bg1024/16 for you to have a clear idea about them.

This is a long and detailed article with all the technical details about the product, so if you are in a hurry just have a quick look at the summary at the top of my post which gives out my recommendation.


I would recommend you to opt for this product. Although there is not much difference between the two models, I have my reasons for recommending this model. I will go into details of the same in my post below.

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Comparison between Philips bg1025/15 VS Philips bg1024/16:

We will now begin with a comparison of the 2 products. To make things simpler, I have made a comparison table below.

FeaturesPhilips bg1025/15 Philips bg1024/16
Type CordlessCordless
Cut Width32 mm32 mm
Cutting ElementBi-directional trimmerBi-directional trimmer
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Trimming Range0.5 – 4 mm0.5 – 3 mm 
Suitable forBody Grooming Body Grooming
Length Adjustments1 Fixed length1 Fixed length
Shower CordYesYes
Power sourceBatteryBattery
Battery TypeAA BatteryAA Battery
Battery Run Time (Depends on use)45 Mins60 Mins
UseWet and DryWet and Dry
Waterproof YesYes
HandleErgonomic grip & handlingErgonomic grip & handling
Warranty2 Years2 Years
Covered in warrantyManufacturing Defects Manufacturing Defects

I assume the differences between the products are clear with the help of the table above. I will still go ahead and give detailed information about the two products.


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About Philips bg1025/15:

Philips 1000 series razors are specially designed for trimming body hair. The unique skin protection system guards even your most sensitive body areas, allowing you to comfortably trim hair as close as 0.5mm without direct contact between the sharp edge of the blades and your skin.

It comes with 1 click on comb on makes it possible to catch and cut hairs even when they grow in different directions.

This product comes with a shower cord and  3 AA battery from Philips. Each battery can last up to 2 months (  Battery performance and run-time may differ depending on hair type and frequency of use)

About Philips bg1024/16:

Philips bg1025_15 VS Philips bg1024_16

Philips bg1024/16 is also from the Philips 1000 series razors that are specially for body grooming. This product also is design to guard your skin, while trimming as close as 0.5mm. It also comes with a bidirectional trimmer and 3mm comb, this tool makes it possible to catch and cut hairs even when they grow in different directions.

This product comes with a shower cord and  1 AA battery from Philips.


2 main difference between Philips bg1025/15 VS Philips bg1024/16 are:

  1. Colour of the product
  2. Philips bg1025/15 comes with 3 Philips AA battery while Philips bg1024.

There is also not much difference in the price of 2 products so I recommend you by Philips bg1025/15.


Why should men trim body hair?

  1. Personal hygiene: It increases the feeling of cleanliness. You don’t get the itchy and sweaty feeling when you have trimmed body
  2. Unpleasant body odour: It isn’t the sweat itself smell unpleasant. The bacteria on your skin break down the sweat, which creates the pongs. Those bacteria thrive under the protective cover of the body hair. You can get rid of them by shaving.
  3. To improve athletic performance: Typically in sports and fitness worlds, it is more common for male body hair to be kept in check as it can improve performance and show off hard-earned muscle definition.


This brings me to the end of my article, Philips bg1025/15 VS Philips bg1024/16. I hope you were able to select the right trimmer according to your needs. If you have any further questions, do feel free to ask them to me using the comments section below. I will be happy to answer them.


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