Philips qt4001 VS Philips qt4011

If you have a beard, then you understand how valuable it is to have the right type of tools to groom it and keep it looking elegant always. One of the most important products you must always keep in your bathroom is a good quality beard trimmer.

Philips has come up with beard trimmer series 3000 which gives a perfect time day after day.  In this article, we will compare Philips qt4001 VS Philips qt4011, they are from the same series.

This is a long and detailed article with all the technical details about the product, so if you are in a hurry just have a quick look at the summary at the top of my post which gives out my recommendation.


I would recommend you to opt for this product. Although there is not much difference between the two models, I have my reasons for recommending this model. I will go into details of the same in my post below.

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Comparison between Philips qt4001 VS Philips qt4011:

We will now begin with a comparison of the 2 products. To make things simpler, I have made a comparison table below.

FeaturesPhilips qt4001Philips qt4011
TypeCordlessCorded and Cordless
Blade MaterialStainless steelTitanium coated 
Body Material PlasticPlastic
Trimming Range1 – 10 mm0.5 – 10 mm
Water ResistanceYesYes
Washable HeadYesYes
Suitable for Body Grooming, Beard & MoustacheBody Grooming, Beard & Moustache
Length adjustment1021
Power sourceRechargeable batteryRechargeable battery
Voltage100-240 V100-240 V
Charging time10 hr1 hr
Battery lightNoYes
Battery typeAAA NiMH BatteryNiMH Battery
No. of battery12
Battery run time45 mins60 Mins
Warranty2 Year2 Years + 1 Year
Covered in warrantyManufacturing DefectsManufacturing Defects
Not covered in warrantyPhysical DamagePhysical Damage
Cleaning BrushYesYes

I assume the differences between the products are clear with the help of the table above. I will still go ahead and give detailed information about the two products.


About Philips qt4001:

You can style your beard the way you want with this trimmer. You can set the trimmer as low as 1 mm for a perfect 3 days beard. The trimmer has 10 lock-in setting from 1 – 10 mm. The stainless steel blades are extra sharp to always cut hairs neatly and effectively but has a rounded tip and combs to prevent irritation.

The trimmer comes with a detachable head which can be rinsed under the tap for easy cleaning. (Dry it before you put it back on the appliance.)

Ergonomic design easy to hold and use. Designed to help you trim those hard-to-reach areas.  You need to charge it for 10 hours to use as cordless for 45 mins.


About Philips qt4011:

QT4011_15 in Philips qt4001 VS Philips qt4011


It also has easy to select and lock-in length settings from as low as 0.5mm to full beard length of 10mm. The trimmer comes with advanced titanium blades for superior cutting performance and long-lasting sharpness, and also has rounded tips and comb for irritation-free trimming experience.

The trimmer also comes with a detachable head which can be rinsed under the tap for easy cleaning. (Dry it before you put it back on the appliance.)

Ergonomic design easy to hold and use. Designed to help you trim those hard-to-reach areas.  You need to charge it for 1 hour to use as cordless for 90 longs mins or you can directly use it plugged in. It also comes with a travel pouch which protects your product during travelling and storage.



7 main difference between Philips qt4001 VS Philips qt4011 are as follow:

  1. Type: Philips qt4001 is a cordless trimmer while Philips bg4011 can be used while charging also.
  2. Blade Material: Blades of Philips qt 4001 are made of stainless steel while blades of Philips qt4011 are not only made of stainless steel but are also has titanium coating on it.
  3. Trimming Range: Philips qt4001 has a trimming range from 1-10 mm while it is 0.5-10 for Philips qt4011.
  4. Length Adjustments:  Philips qt4001 has 10 length adjustments while Philips qt4011 has 21 length adjustments.
  5. Charging Time: Philips qt4001 take long 10 hours to fully charge while it takes only 1 hour for Philips qt4011 to fully charge.
  6. Battery Light: Philips qt4001 does not come with battery light, while Philips qt4011 come with a battery for you to know if the battery is empty, charging or fully charge.
  7. Battery run time: Battery run time for Philips qt4001 is 45 mins while it is 90 mins for Philips qt4011.

As you can see above the features of Philips qt 4011 are much better than Philips qt4001. I highly recommend Philips qt4011 between the 2.


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This brings me to the end of my article Philips qt4001 VS Philips qt4011. I hope you were able to select the right trimmer according to your needs. If you have any further questions, do feel free to ask them to me using the comments section below. I will be happy to answer them.

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