Philips mg7715 VS Philips mg3730

Trimming a beard or body grooming can be frustrating with the wrong equipment. Whether you like to be fully smooth or have a little bit of hair, you need a tool that’s safe to use and has plenty of options. If you’ve ever tried manscaping in more sensitive areas, you know it can be difficult not to cut or scratch yourself. That’s why Philips has come up with a wide range of multi grooming trimmers that are specially designed to target hair everywhere from head to toe—private parts included. In this article, I have compared Philips mg7715 VS Philips mg3730 both equally amazing and are the top-selling in India these days.


I would recommend you to opt for this product. Although there is not much difference between the two models, I have my reasons for recommending this model. I will go into details of the same in my post below.

However, before you hit the buy now button, I also recommend comparing prices by clicking here.

Comparison between Philips mg7715 VS Philips mg3730:

We will now begin with a comparison of the 2 products. To make things simpler, I have made a comparison table below.


Philips MG7715

Philips MG3730

Blade MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Body Material PlasticPlastic
ColourBlack and SilverBlack
Trimming Range0.5 – 7 mm0.5 – 7 mm
Water ResistanceYesYes
Washable HeadYesYes
Suitable for Multi Grooming Multi Grooming
Length adjustment44
No. of tools138
Power sourceRechargeable Lithium-ion batteryRechargeable Ni-MH battery
Voltage100-240 V100 – 240 V
Charging time1 Hour10 hours
Battery run time120 Mins60 Mins
Warranty2 Years2 Years
Covered in warrantyManufacturing DefectsManufacturing Defects
Not covered in warrantyDamage Due to Mis-Use/Mis-HandlingDamage Due to Mis-Use/Mis-Handling
Cleaning BrushYesYes
Storage PouchYes

I assume the differences between the products are clear with the help of the table above. I will still go ahead and give detailed information about the two products.


About Philips MG7715:

 mg7715 image for Philips mg7715 VS Philips mg3730

This is a product from Philips multi grooming series 7000. Perfect your personal style with our most precise and versatile trimmer. It comes with 13 premium tools for your unique style, for head to toe. It gives maximum precision with DualCut blades and adds control with a non-slip rubber grip.

It also comes with a high performing  Lithium-Ion battery which can run up to 120 mins with only 1 hour of charging, while a 5-minute quick charge delivers one quick full trim.

You get 13 styling tools with the trimmer. 1 – Metal trimmer, 1 – Detail metal trimmer, 1 – Nose & ear trimmer, 1 – Bodyshaver, 1 – Body skin protector attachment,1 – 3 to 7 mm adjustable brush, 2 -stubble combs and 3 – hair combs and 2 body combs.


About Philips MG3730:


This product is from multi groom series 3000 from Philips. You can try out a new look, any day at home, with this durable all-in-one trimmer. It comes with 8 quality tools that allow you to easily create the exact face and hairstyle you want.  It can be used as a cordless trimmer for 45 mins after charging for 10 hours,

You get 8 styling tool with the trimmer. 1 – trimmer, 1 – nose and ear trimmer, 1 – 3 to 7 mm adjustable brush, 2 -stubble combs and 3 – hair combs.  You also get a travel and organizer pouch with it.


5 main difference between Philips mg7715 VS Philips mg3730 are as follow:

  1. No. of tools: Philips mg 7715 comes with 13 tools while you get 8 different styling tools with Philips mg3730.
  2. Battery type: Philips mg Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery while Philips mg3730 comes with Ni-MH battery.
  3. Charging time: Philips mg3730 takes 10 hours to fully charge while Philips mg7715 only takes 1 hour to charge full and 5 mins quick charge delivers one full trim.
  4. Battery run time: Philips mg3730’s battery can last for 60 mins, while it lasts for 120 mins for Philips mg7715.
  5. Usage: Philips mg3730 can be used only as dry trimmer, while Philips mg7715 is Showerproof.

There is a major difference between the price of the two product too. So if you want a budget product while almost does all the things then you should go with this.

But if you want a complete package and don’t have the patience to change the battery or shave while taking a shower then I recommend this product.


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This brings me to the end of my article Philips mg7715 VS Philips mg3730. I hope you were able to select the right trimmer according to your needs. If you have any further questions, do feel free to ask them to me using the comments section below. I will be happy to answer them.

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